Meet Deborah

Deborah LoPresti designs couture bridal gowns and dresses for every occasion with an artistry and elegance beyond compare. From her salon in Easton, Pennsylvania, LoPresti works with brides, mothers of brides and clients to craft beautiful, one-of-a-kind gowns using some of the world's finest fabrics, ornate flourishes, and hand sewing techniques that guarantee a perfect and flattering fit for every figure.

But before turning a stitch, LoPresti spends hours with her clients to gain an understanding of their vision for a fantasy wedding gown or special occasion dress that will make them shine. LoPresti doesn't design dresses, she manifests dreams in luxurious silks and satins, Chantilly lace and glittery crystals.

Because each gown is designed for a specific client, LoPresti asks brides to contact her no later than nine months before the big day. LoPresti's designs have been featured in national magazines and early in her career she was invited to show her styles at the Washington Charity Dinner in Washington, D.C., which was chaired by former first lady Nancy Reagan. She treats her clients like cherished friends and strives to make every woman feel like a princess when they don the enchanted frock she has created just for them. 

LoPresti also restores vintage wedding gowns and customizes store-bought ones.

The Experience

Creating a dream gown or dress is a highly personal experience and can take up to nine months to complete and as many fittings. That's because a dream dress is more than draping. It encapsulates the spirit of the individual and the event. The process begins with a consultation—clients are encouraged to bring photos or pictures for inspiration—and culminates with an unforgettable, hand-stitched, custom made gown.